My Essentials for Vacationing with Natural Hair

It's almost that time...I'm going to VEGAS tomorrow and decided I would share with you all what my essential products and tools are for vacationing with natural hair.

1.) Conditioner = Must HAVE!!!
            I recommend bringing one of your most moisturizing conditioners so that if you do decide to get in the pool or ocean you bring that moisture back with the conditioner after shampooing.

2.) Shampoo = Another must HAVE!!!
         Just like the conditioner...bring you're best shampoo. I don't like bringing clarifying shampoos with me, I just want something that will cleanse my scalp and that's not too harsh.

3.) Something to detangle with- For me this WILL NOT BE THE TANGLE TEEZER
           If you're gonna shampoo you all ready know not to forget that detangling tool. This tool will be especially important for those of us who can't get in the water without DUNKIN our heads

4.)  Moisturizer and a LOT of it
            While I'm on vacation I NEVER worry about over moisturizing my hair because it something that my hair is constantly craving in the summer

5.)  Ponytail Holders/Headbands
         Just bring them! lol If you're getting into the water these little life savers can help prevent you from looking a

6.) Styling Products: Gels or Creams
        I just brought a small jar of Eco Styler  (travel friendly) in case I want to slick my hair back or define my curls.

7.) Your HURR!
     If all else fails bring ur hurr (hair). It's quick and easy

Here are the products I'm bringing.


Nichque said...

Lol yes I wore my hair out today and i'm dying. The thought of Vegas in June is scary. I went in September and almost died from the heat lol ... Good luck and definitely bring that HURR because when I went that was my bestfriend lol .. Have a BLAST HUN !!!

callmemonica said...

Aww! You're going to have so much FUN! I just came back from Vegas a few weeks ago and it was a blast. . Be prepared for the HEAT! Take plenty of pics so we can see your vacay hair in action! :)

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