Common Misconceptions of Natural Hair...

If you want to go natural YOU DON'T HAVE TO CUT ALL YOUR HAIR OFF. For some reason many women have been told that you have to cut all your hair if you desire to go natural. You DON'T. Some women (like myself) decide to transition...Which is just growing your relaxed ends out. It doesn't have to be completely, just as long as you can take dealing with the two textures. BUT there are some women who do decide cut ALL of their hair off, which is also okay!

  • You can only wear your hair in an afro or locs:
This is soooooo false. Just like with a relaxer you can do other styles. Twist, wash n go's, updos, ponytails, puffs, pressed, braids, and much more are some of the styles you can wear your hair. And if you decide to wear your hair in an afro or locs go right ahead :)

  • Women who are natural do not use chemicals:
FASLE! I have seen many natural hair women use chemicals on their hair. Some color their hair. And like myself use hair products with ingredients with that are not completely natural. The only chemical that we do not use is THE RELAXER!

  • Natural hair is "nappy" so you can't comb it:
Because natural hair is kinky, curly, wavy and/or thick it makes it makes the hair tangle easier than straight hair. So to help with this we have to comb our hair when wet or with a conditioner.

  • "If I were to cut my hair I wouldn't look right"
This is probably one of the most common statements I hear from black females. I have to say that I totally completely disagree with it too. How exactly do you know what you look like with your hair cut off unless you have done it before??? I think we as black women care toooo much about people's OPINIONS. We let our family, friends, and even strangers decide how we are to look and think. We need to learn to accept the way we look and others who are not like us. Take a chance and you may just like it!!!


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