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As you can tell from the title TheGoldenSparkle is moving to another site. 

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Good Hair Days Make the World Go Round

The other I posted this twitpic of my AMAZING GREAT HAIR least I think so!!! I was and still am very happy how my wash n go turned out last week. I truly had a good hair week, which are always great to have with natural hair.I love when my wash n gos look like this because it looks more natural and less jerry

SN: This semester I have been doing a field experience with a 1st grade class and they have really only seen me with straight hair. Well when I came back with my hair like in the pic they totally did not recognize me at first. Some of them really had to remember who I was. Kids are too funny some times =) 

Remington Hot Roller Set on Natural Hair

During the time I wore my hair straightened I had this dying desire to have big bouncy curls.Soooo I went to my favorite store, Target, and picked up the Remington Style Ionic Protective Hair Setter. I've been wanting to try hot rollers for the longest but was caught up in the "it's not for black people hair" thinking. BUT surprisingly these rollers actually worked. I am so happy I purchased these bad boys! 

The only thing I didn't like was that it only came with 4 small rollers...which are the best because you get tighter curls (which of course fall throughout the day). 

Oh and I also used some Aussie Hairspray (accidental purchase years ago) which I love as well. My curls stayed for a good 3 days without even re-curling them. 

And the Winner Is.....

Thank you for entering into the Jilbere Straightening and Cutting Tool Giveaway. With the help of I have chosen a winner. And the winner.....

Nzubechukwu Anih whose favorite tool to use is a hair steamer. 


Length Check and Watch the Transformation Video

I posted two new videos yestruday on Youtube. Check out if you have haven't watched them yet?

I know it's a little late for this video but ya'll know my computer has been messed up.

Bye Bye Straight Hair. Welcome Back Curls!

Well after 3 weeks of wearing my hair straight I decided to wash my hair. I really needed a good wash because I noticed I had these GIGANTIC dandruff flakes all over my head. Plus I was getting really anxious...I thought I had heat damage because of the amount of heat I used. Luckily, there was no heat damage and the curls are back and poppin! Here are some pics of the process of my hair reverting back. 
Applied conditioner to dry hair

Applied more conditioner and a some water 
(I started getting scared because most of my hair was still straight)

Rinsed hair.

Little random fact:
Whenever I'm trying to get my hair to revert back I always have to follow the same routine because I think I'm going to jinx it if I don'

My Hair Growth Oil

This was supposed to be a video but I'm having a couple technical issues right now so I'll just explain it on here.
Well some of you may have heard me mention a couple of times on my channel,about the bald spot I used to have in the front of my hair....I wish I would have taken pics but at the time I had no clue that it would go away after using my hair oil. The bald spot was caused by tying my scraf too tight at night while I was transitioning. When I did my big chop it became really noticeable (to me at least) because my hair was so short. Sooo I decided to use the ingredients that I purchased to make my shea butter mixture and try to get the hair to grow back.

The Break Down:
  • The 2 Main Ingredients were rosemary essential oil and Castor Oil
  • Shea Butter, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil- I thought it would be good for moisture?? idk
  • Lemon and Orange essential oils- for fragrance....I STRONGLY dislike the smell of rosemary oil
I didn't really measure anything but the shea butter, coconut oil, and jojoba oil were about the same amount.

The Application
Every night before bed, I did scalp massages with the oil all over my head and then on that darn bald spot. When I was bored during the day I would massage my scalp for a couple of minutes.

And that's pretty what I did. I think I first started to see results after 2-3 months. Please guys keep in mind that this is what worked for me and there are soooo many variables to consider when trying to regrow hair. If you don't like an oil I used then change it out for something else that you do like. 


Since there were so many of you who seemed interested in the Jilbere Vented Straightening/Cutting Comb I decided to do a giveaway. If you haven't already checked out my review for the comb click here to read that

Contest details:
The contest will run from now until Sunday 6, 2011.

To enter: Just follow this blog and leave a comment telling your favorite tool to use on your hair.
***Make sure you leave your name and email, so you can know if you won.***

Anyone can enter no matter what your hair type is =)

Jilbere Straightening and Cutting Tool Review

I think the number one question asked from my straightening video was "What is that tool you are using to straighten your hair?" Well ladies and gents, it is the Jilbere Straightening and Cutting Tool. I purchased it over the summer and have you used twice. I love the fact that this tool has multiple purposes. You can use it for:

-straightenin those kinks
-blow dryin those kinks 
-trimmin/cuttin those kinks

Now to be honest this tool doesn't exactly make your hair straighter. What it does is it detangles and smooths the hair so that when the heat hits it your hair can be all silky and smooth! So if don't really want to pay the $6.99 for it you can always just use your rat tail comb....but I like this tool better. Plus it's easier to do the comb chase method because the hair can't slip out of the teeth like when using the rat tail comb.
As far as using it for blow drying...umm yeah I probably wouldn't even try that. I haven't had a chance to use it for trimming/cutting but I'm sure it's AMAZING at getting nice clean cuts.

Price: $6.99
Availbility: Sally Beauty Supply
Overall: LOVES IT!!!

What I Do to Straighten my Hair

I'm soooo glad I decided to film a little of the process it takes for me to straighten my hair. I didn't think you all would be interested and it turns out many of you were! Many of you probably know my struggles with getting my hair to straighten and stay straighten, this time I was able to get it EVEN straigher...fingers crossed that this rain won't mess it up. I feel like I've learned so much about straightening natural hair since the first time I straightened, last year. 

Products Used:
Shampoo: Tresemme Silky and Smooth
Conditioner: Tresemme Moisture something :)
Deep Condition/Treatment: Aphogee 2 Minute Re-constructor
Heat Protectant: GVP Silk Remedy 
Tool: Conair Blow Dryer and Jilbere Vented Straightening/Cutting Comb (I love this thing. Review coming soon)

What I didn't show:
I started out as usual with shampooing,conditioning, and doing a little treatment. Something I did differently this time was that I detangled the mess out of my hair...which I found to REALLY REALLY REALLY help speed up the blow drying time. 

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