One Step Closer...

After cutting off a portion of my hair, I went on to learn about ingredients, products, and more about natural hair. I spent a large amount of time of my summer on YouTube and surfing the Internet about natural hair. Also during this time I was in transition to becoming a natural woman. My last relaxer was in April and soon I knew I would be going off to college and would not be able to experiment and research as much. But I proceed to continue my journey. Two days before I was supposed to move in to dorm room; I washed, deep conditioned, and moisturized my hair (which had now grown out from my cut).I thought about a couple of months before when I cut my hair and how wonderful I thought my hair looked, I decided to cut my hair even shorter than before. Pause. Now let me remind you that my hair was neither straightened nor dry from the wash. So I started on my left side. The length seemed okay to continue. Thinking I could cut the same amount off on the right side I started to cut. “Shoot,” I ended up cutting to much off. I tried desperately to even out the two sides but nothing seemed to work and I didn’t want to have to cut too much off. My hair was now super uneven.
You get the picture. Right!

Trying to get some sympathy from my parents I walked into their bedroom, much like the last time but less enthusiastic. "Why are you cutting you hair?" "See what you did now!" "Go to your room." They made feel worst and on top of that I going to be moving. After a day of crying and disgust with myself I went to the beauty salon and the beautian fixed my crooked mess to girly bob.


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