Castor Oil Mixture....

Castor Oil is GREAT for thickening up those edges or spots that just need to grow back. I used it back when I first BC'd on my bald spot in the front part of my head. And what do you know, my hair is back and growing :)

What you'll need:
An applicator bottle or just a bottle

Castor Oil (regular castor oil and be found at drugstores)

Essential oil/s (for scent or growth)

Others oils that can be used: olive, almond, vegetable glycerin, shea butter, coconut,jojoba, etc....

Basically you pour all your oils into the bottle of your choice. But make sure you put more castor oil into the bottle. If you choose to use essential oil for the mix make sure you DO NOT USE A LOT(1-5). Essential oils are VERY potent. Then shake, shake, shake...

I use mine every other day because castor oil is sticky and thick. Apply where ever you feel like and then massage into scalp for a while (DON'T JUST LET IT SIT ON HAIR) Massaging well also helps to grow the hair back.

My results have been FABULOUS!!l!


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