As the year comes to an end...

So as 2009 slowly comes to an end I figured I do make a list of things that I have learned since doing my big chop. 

1.) The importance of detangling. (It truly makes dealing with natural hair a 1000000 times easier)
2.) The importance of a regime 
3.) Good products are not hard to find, you just have to do a little research
4.) Heat damage can occur on the first or hundredth time you apply a lot of heat. (Learned that from other people's experiences)
5.) Co-Washing a lot isn't as great when your hair is growing longer.(Can you say tangles galore!)
6.) Deep conditioning is a complete MUST and hair changer
7.) Never rest your head on ANYTHING without a scarf or bonnet.
8.) In order to achieve fabulous twists or twist outs. Don't put a scarf or bonnet on right after finishing them and then go to bed because they will be flat. (It took me awhile to figure that out)
9.) I learned to love my hair more now that I know how it works
10.) Don't give up on a product just because it didn't work the first time
11.) Natural hair is totally MANAGEABLE!!!!
12.) Drinking lots of water and eating really does help your hair.


melissa said...

how did you style your hair in this picture?

the golden sparkle said...

I think this was a twistout and then i pinned the sides back.

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