Quick Tips for Achieving the Perfect Twists or Twistouts....

These are some tips I've found to help improve the look of my twists or twistouts.

Always keep these 3 tips in mind:
  • DON'T GO TO BED WITH WET/DAMP HAIR!!! Very important because your hair will dry the WAY YOU set it
  • Wear a satin bonnet for both twists and twistout styles
  • Remember: wet=shrinkage dry=stretched out

  • If you're trying to keep the twists in as a protective style try using some type of twisting gel, ie. Organic Root Stimulator Lock and Twist Gel....loves it =)
  • Moisturize your twists in the morning or when you are about to go so that your hair isn't damp when you go to bed
  • Twirling you finger around the ends of your twists can help lock them in place so there's no loose hair
  • When taking twists out, apply a little oil to your hands before taking them out. This will cut down on the amount of frizz
  • Don't apply a lot of water when trying to style your twistout. This too can cause more FRIZZ
  • Once you have found a style that you like KEEP YOUR HANDS OUT OF YOUR HAIR. Again this can cause your twistout to frizz UP
  • If you want to stretch your twistout a little more, at night try pulling it back into a loose ponytail


~UrTheAppleOfmiiEye~ said...

Awesome tips! I learned most of these things through trial and error! Having natural hair is a never ending learning experience! Thank you for the tips!:)

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