Miss Jesse's Curly Pudding

8/16/10-Today was the first day of classes for me and I decided to try something different (i never like to test out a product before a big event). I prepared and applied my hair as I normally do with other products like Eco Styler Olive Oil or Kinky Curly. And then it hit me. "I don't have a blow dryer here at school. Dang it." I started worrying because I didn't want to leave the room with noticeable globs of product in my hair. I ended up just leaving hoping no one would notice (thankfully it was hot hot hot outside). 

First day application

Second day

8/17/10- So far I really like this stuff. It is a little comparable to Eco Styler BUT when I use Eco Styler I don't get nearly as much volume the first day as I do with Miss Jesse's Curly Pudding. 


Anonymous said...

I love your blog!!! I read this and CurlyNikki every day!

the golden sparkle said...

aww thanks so much =)

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