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Here we go again with the "trend" word. This is an article from about black hair salons having to close down due to women going natural or wearing wigs , and the economy. My suggestion for those salons would be to learn how to style and work with natural hair (and don't charge an arm and leg when doing it). Well anyway here's the here 

Quick question: Do you ladies think going/being natural is a trend???


Tiffany said...

I don't like the trend word either. Why can't they embrace the fact the we are learning and luving our hair! So frustrating. But I say we just rock our tresses harder - fiercer. Thanks for the post.

Smply Swt said...

I luv how you made it sound like a four-letter word.Ha. I read the same article b/c I'm forever on the essence site and had the same thoughts.
Black hairdressers should be ashamed of themselves for throwing in the towel instead of learning something new.
Just cuz they don't teach natural hair in 'hair school' don't mean you can't teach yourself.
There's this new invention called the internet...Use It!
Anyway thats my two-cents.

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