The other day I did a video on the new technique I use to define my curls. As I watched the video over I noticed how much longer my hair was when I first applied the gel than when it dried (this is nothing new). But for some reason I am always shocked to see how much shrinkage there is when I do stuff to my hair. So looking at the amount of shrinkage in the picture above, that must mean that when my dry hair starts to touch my collar bone my wet hair is going to be way somewhere on my stomach =) Umm I'm a little excited about that.

I know that's random but I just thought I share that with ya' 


BreukelensFinest said...

for me the more my hair grows the more tightly curled my hair gets. like it looks like my hair hasn't grown in pictures but in 6 months i've gained more than 4.5 inches. my silly hair

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