Sally Hansen Extra Strength Creme Hair Bleach For Face & Body Review...

I brought in the New Year with freshly lightened (and groomed) eyebrows!!!! New Year's Eve I decided to take a chance on the Sally Hansen Bleaching Kit since I saw a couple of tutorials on Youtube. Before the lightening I had really dark point where they were basically black and stood out a little more than I  liked. Now my brows are a medium brown. Soooo here's my review after the first use:

-Purchased from: Target (in the hair removal section)

-Price: $5.04

Before I bought this product I thought it would be at least $10 but when I got to Target and saw $5 I was EXTREMELY happy. And it is probably cheaper at Wal*mart. I chose to get the face and body kit instead of just the face one because they were the same price and the face and body's box was bigger :)

- Application:
Basically if you follow the directions you're good to go. BUT BE CAREFUL. The directions say to leave the cream on for like 8 minutes I left mine on for 4-5 minutes and noticed that it had already started bleaching and that amount of time was good for me....I just wanted to lightened the brows a little not turn them blond. So I recommend if it's your first time just leave the cream on for a couple of minutes then wipe the cream away to see if you like how they turned out. If not you can always reapply the cream.

Also I'm not sure if the amount of product I mixed was because I have the face and body kit or what but I had a whole bunch of product left over. You're supposed to throw any unused product basically I wasted a lot of the product. 

Overall I like this product and recommend it to those who have very dark eyebrows and want to tone them down a bit. 



PS: It may not be the best idea to arch your eyebrows the day before doing this because it will BURN. Lesson learned.


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