Best Friends for LIFE!

Meet my new best friend in this "hair journey", the satin pillow case. That's right I'm back to using this ol' thing. So let me tell you all the story. I've had this thing since I was transitioning and stopped using it because my face broke out like crazy from all the oils I was putting in my hair, so I stopped using it and switched to the satin bonnet. Well, lately I have been trying to get back in the routine of doing twistouts but my hair takes forever to dry with a satin bonnet on which makes it difficult in trying to achieve a decent twistout. So the other day it hit me...don't sleep with the satin bonnet. duh! Soooo that's what I did and I put my satin pillow case on my pillow and in the morning my hair was dry.#bam I was soooo surprised the next morning I couldn't believe it.  It's crazy that I haven't ever thought of this before but I'm happy I know now.


Tinukeb said...

Oh I keep saying I'll buy a satin pillowcase for me and my daughter (she always wakes up with her cap halfway across the room!?)

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