Jilbere Straightening and Cutting Tool Review

I think the number one question asked from my straightening video was "What is that tool you are using to straighten your hair?" Well ladies and gents, it is the Jilbere Straightening and Cutting Tool. I purchased it over the summer and have you used twice. I love the fact that this tool has multiple purposes. You can use it for:

-straightenin those kinks
-blow dryin those kinks 
-trimmin/cuttin those kinks

Now to be honest this tool doesn't exactly make your hair straighter. What it does is it detangles and smooths the hair so that when the heat hits it your hair can be all silky and smooth! So if don't really want to pay the $6.99 for it you can always just use your rat tail comb....but I like this tool better. Plus it's easier to do the comb chase method because the hair can't slip out of the teeth like when using the rat tail comb.
As far as using it for blow drying...umm yeah I probably wouldn't even try that. I haven't had a chance to use it for trimming/cutting but I'm sure it's AMAZING at getting nice clean cuts.

Price: $6.99
Availbility: Sally Beauty Supply
Overall: LOVES IT!!!


BreukelensFinest said...

i saw that tool on your video and knew i had to try it! perfect for straightening and trimming. love this!


Anonymous said...

hi:0) my favorite tool i like to use on my hair is the tangle teezer! please enter me in the giveaway. thanks! stephanie

Deni said...
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