The Best Moisturizer I use....

I've tried tons of products to help moisturize my hair but the top three problems I have are:

  1. The ingredients
  2. Only moisturizes a little
  3. Just doesn't work
So I found a couple of videos on youtube showing how to make whipped shea butter. I loved this idea because you can control the ingredients and the main ingredient is shea butter. For those who don't know about this awesome natural butter, I'll give you a brief overview.
Shea butter comes from Africa.
It has many healing proprieties.
Comes in two main colors: yellow and a whitish-grayish color.
Great for hair and body.
***I loves me some Shea Butter***lol

But anyway, here are some things you'll need and a picture of what it ends up looking like.

^^What Shea Butter looks like^^

^^A few things needed^^
The main things you'll need:
  • A hand blender
  • A big bowl
  • A spatula
  • Shea Butter (unrefined, pure, raw)
  • A container
If you want just plain Shea Butter then ^^these are the only things you will need^^
But I like to add things to mine:
  • Essential oil(s)
  • Carrier oil(s)
  1. You start by mixing your shea butter to a frosting like texture...
  2. Then add in your essential oil and/or carrier oil...
  3. Continue to mix until the mixture is at a whipped consistency (it will probably take you about 15 to 20 minutes to reach this)...
  4. Scoop up and put into a container to store...

^^The Result^^
Pretty easy!! I know... Just remember to not get water in it because it will mold and we don't want we :(

The essentials oils I like to use are: rosemary (growth), lemon/orange (smell)
The carrier oils I like to use are: castor oil (makes hair thicker), jojoba (softness), coconut oil (coat the hair shaft and shine)
I also like to throw in some vegetable glycerin

Add whatever you want to mixture. Sorry I can't give you guys the measurements because I didn't measure anything at all. But when use it on my hair, my hair is soooooo soft and moisturized!!!
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