*Accessories for the Nail*

When it comes to nail polish, I like to think of my self as guru. (Just kidding) But I do love nail polish... a lot... probably more than the average female (or male). Two of my favorite brands are N.Y.C. and Wet n' Wild. Both are very inexpensive (costing under 1.00 w/out tax). Like any other nail polish, their polish will chip. N.Y.C (New York Color) always has a wide variety of colors. And you can find them at pretty much any place like Wal-Mart or Target. Wet n' Wild also makes a lot of colors but when I go to buy them I don't see as many colors. Oh and I can't forget my Cover Girl Boundless Color in Disco Dazzle. I absolutely love this polish. I can wear it with or without any other nail polish.

Others that I LOVE/LIKE:
  • Finger Paint- Love, love, love the ONE I have but they are like three or four dollars.
  • Nicka K/Absolute Striper Paint- I love doing designs with these and they're a reasonable price.
  • Sally Hansen-They are alright. This is another over priced polish. Color is vibrate.

Some of the NOT SO GREAT polishes I have cost more and I notice will start to chip after a day of wearing. They are:
  • Nina Ultra Pro- I had to apply more than three coats and a top coat of clear polish to help make the "streakyness" go away. And on top of all that the polish chipped like crazy. But I was very pleased with how bright the colors were.
  • NYX Girls- The colors were too light! Not vibrant at all.
  • Sally Girl- The polish seemed very watered down. It was only .99 cents so I think it would be better for a child. Oh and the bottle is so tiny.
  • Nicka K- One of mine had too much glitter. I didn't even want to put it on the rest of fingers. But the cotton candy color was the best that I tried from the brand.
  • Sinful colors- Although I only have one color, which is black, umm I don't think I'll be buying any more. For almost two dollars, this polish was soooo thick. I mean it was like white school glue. I had to add some clear polish to it.
  • N.Y.C. Nail Glossies- Even though I love the cheap N.Y.C polishes this nail polish just didn't cut it. They are watery and not as bright as they look.

::::::Golden Sparkle Rater:::::::
Wet n' Wild-*****

Cover Girl (disco dazzle)-*****

Finger Paints-****

Nicka K/Absolute Striper Paint-****

N.Y.C. Nail Glossies-***
Sally Hansen-***

Nicka K-**
Nina Ultra Pro-**

NYX Girls-*
Sinful Colors-*
Sally Girl-*

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