25 Reasons to LOVE Natural Hair....

  1. Because it's natural hair... duh!!!
  2. It's in its natural state (for most of us)
  3. You don't have to waste money on relaxers
  4. Because there's actually a style where you wash it and go
  5. It's different
  6. You'll become famous...seriously because people will stare and wonder
  7. It's versatile
  8. You can play in the rain
  9. You'll grow as a person
  10. It's retro
  11. You'll actually know what your texture is
  12. You can educate ignorant people on what afro texture really is
  13. You're not limited to how you can style it
  14. You're can wash your hair whenever you want
  15. Once it's wet there's no rush to straighten it
  16. You'll become more confident
  17. You won't be afraid to take chances
  18. You can become a product junkie.....whoo hoo!!
  19. You can loc it
  20. You get to wear big earrings
  21. Young black girls will have an image of what their ancestor's hair looked liked
  22. You'll inspire
  23. Did I mention it's GRRRRRRRRRRREAT to be natural
  24. You'll have your own personality
  25. We're a dying breed!!!!


Smply Swt said...

Luv this List! My fave is #8!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm loving number 6 lolol its so tru, it took me a while to get used to it lolol

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