Essentials for Natural Hair

The main thing to ALWAYS remember about natural hair is to give it moisture. Our has the tendency to look dry but that may not always be the case. For people who just did the BIG CHOP you really don't need to go out and buy 1001 hair products. Here are the main items you'll need....
  • Water and lots of it- your hair loves water
  • A moisturizing conditioner- which can be turned into a leave in. And remember just because a product works for one person doesn't always mean it is going to work for you!!
  • An oil like coconut or olive-these help to keep your hair moisturized. Coconut oil is great for shine)
  • A satin pillow case or scarf (bonnet)-cotton fabrics soak up the oils in your hair

So those are the main items you need when you go natural. Great for naturals on a budget :)


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