It's a CHALLENGE!!!!

I've come to the conclusion that I am fortunately NOT A PRODUCT JUNKIE (when compared to others)!!!! But I do enjoy buying products that someone has recommended to me without doing much research. Which is mainly why I have so many products now....So to help save money and space in my room I have challenged myself to stop buying hair products until I finish three products completely. So far I have finished three: Vo5 conditioner, Lustasilk Cholesterol, and Fantasia IC Gel :)

To keep up with my challenge, look over in the side bar....Products I've Finished =)


Lady Q said...

good plan. when i have too many products i start leaving them at home for my brothers. all three of them are trying to do dreads. i just drop things off and between the three of them and my mom, it all disappears.

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