Common Natural Hair Phrases...

**Co-Wash: Washing your hair using any type of conditioner. Can be done instead of using shampoo to wash your hair
**Conditioner Only Method: A method where you use conditioner to help define, detangle, and/or style hair.
**Pre-poo: The process of preparing your hair before using shampoo. Oils are often used to penetrate hair
**No-Poo: Not using shampoo to wash hair but conditioner.
**Curly Girl (CG): click for more information
**Shealoe: A shea butter and aloe vera gel mixture


Carisia Matthews said...

Nice Blog! I was rather unconvinced at first thinking that this herbal shampoo was not going to work - however, from the first 4-5 months - what an improvement! Now 8 months on I can still see results, my confidence has grown so much. thanks to herbal shampoo.

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