My Holiday ProductWishList....

Hey guys...this post will be my ProductWishList! Consisting of products that I have been eyeing for awhile and those that I am waiting to go on sale. As you guys know (from previous posts) I have been trying to cure my product junkie illness. Since the year is slowly coming to an end, I figured I'd go ahead and start making my list of products for Santa to leave underneath my tree=) haha

1.) Afroveda...My problem with Afroveda is that I've heard sooooooo MANY great reviews on their products, that I can't make up my mind....grrrrrr
---Shea Alma
----Curly Custard
-----Totally Twisted

2.) Miss Jesse's...Last year I missed out on their bogo sale so this year I will not be making that mistake again. (It's going on now!!)
---Baby Buttercream
----Curly Pudding

3.)Moroccan Oil...I've heard this stuff will make your hair SUPER soft, so who wouldn't be tempted to buy it.

4.) Curlformers
---OMGosh you guys these things are AMAZING. Put in curlformers on natural hair on youtube to see what I'm talking about...I really can't wait to try these out!!!


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