Stylin and Protectin...

This fall/winter I have been rocking berets and slouchy hats. I got all of my hats from Forever21 for under $7.00. I usually wear them when my twist are getting old and/or giving my hair a break. I never really wear them with without the twist because MY HAIR IS TOO BIG...lololol. So what I do is of course put some twist/braids in my hair and then I wrap my hair up in a scarf. This is so my hair will not dry out from the hat material or be rubbing against the hat. Oooohh and it protects the hair from the harsh weather.

After Thanksgiving I put some more two strand twist in and I wore them for another week...I had already been wearing twist for a month. So I just took them down...I missed fighting with my hair in the morning.

Products used:
----Beyond the Zone Leave-In conditioner (I like this stuff. When I took the twist down I noticed they had a little hold to them. And I was out in the cold pouring down rain today and they still looked the same as when I took the twist down ;)
---Organic Root Stimulator Lock and Twist gel- I love this product for twist. If you want your twist to last for weeks definitely use this product.
--Cantu Shea Butter-I only really use this product if I want a soft hold and plan on taking the twist down the next morning.


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