Beyond The Zone Leave- In

I am in love with this stuff. And I think I'm just going to have to go out and just by the entire line. Okay so where do I start...

Scent: Fabulous!!! I am a HUGE fan of products that smell like perfume or just smell good in general. I will say that the scent is quite strong and I kinda got a head ache while doing my small twist. But I still the LOVE the scent. I'll probably just use it for wash and gos...the scent stayed on my hair for days. But again I wouldn't use this for my twist (even though the hold was nice) because after a few days my hair started smelling like dirty hair and conditioner.

Price: The price is okay :/ 5. 49 without a Sally's card (need to renew my card) for 6 oz.

Packaging: I hated how big the opening was....every time I popped the top product would squirt out. So really there is no point in sitting the container flat.

On the hair: Kept my hair nice and moisturized for days. I didn't experience any flaking, crunchiness, or white residue. But like I said before, this is one of those products you can't keep on your hair for days or overuse. After taking down my twist this product provided a decent amount of hold.

Overall: I really like this product. Even though it's not completely natural it really gets the job done.


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