Carol's Daughter Kizzi Styling Pomade

OMGosh you guys I recently started using the Kizzi Pomade from Carol's daughter and I must say I absolutely love this stuff. I had this product sitting in my product tub for a good little minute. One morning I wanted to try using something a little different than gel to slick back my hair for a puff...and there it was.

To start, the scent is GREAT!! It smells like mangoes. The consistency is somewhat like a hair grease maybe a little thicker but the great thing about it is that it melts within the first 5 seconds of putting it in your palms. After applying the product to my hair I noticed that my hair had a soft hold and felt moisturized. By the end of the day my hair was still in tack. Ooohhh yeah!!

How I applied: Before applying the product I sprayed a little bit of water near my edges. Then scooped out about a dime size of pomade into my palms. Before I could even start rubbing my hands together the product had started to melt. Then I applied it as if I were applying gel.

One thing I will say, is that if you apply this stuff everyday (which you probably don't need to) you will get product build up...especially if you


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