Mimosa Hair Honey First Application

Ok. Ok. Okay girlies! I just finished using the Carol's Daughter Minmosa Hair Honey. So far I feel like this is the beginning of something BEAU-TI-FULLLLLL. The hair honey feels a little like the pomade (click for last post) and also looks exactly the same. The scent is not as yummy but as I sit here typing this post I can still smell it. Don't get me wrong...it doesn't sink!!! But any whoo...I used it to twist my hair up tonight. YOU GUYS MY HAIR WAS/IS SO SUPER SHINY!!! I have not seen my natural hair have this much shine since I've been natural...even with tons of oil in it. It feels good and looks good. I'll keep you guys posted.

I think I may just have to purchase the whole hair care line now. 2/2


Anonymous said...

I have wanted to try that line But haven't had the time to look in to it yet.

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