CD Hair Honey Update

I know I'm a tiny bit late on updating you guys on the Mimosa Hair Honey by Carol's Daughter. I woke up this morning and took out the twists and all I could notice was how shiny my hair was even after sleeping with a satin bonnet. IT'S AMAZING!!! But anyways...unfortunately my hair wasn't super duper moisturized. It wasn't dry or anything it had just the right amount of moisture to style. But it's okay because I'm sure if I use it with another product that does moisturize outta this world then it will be a FAN-TASTIC combo = )  I just can't get over how shiny my hair was. I think this product would be good for doing twist at night and then wearing a twistout for the next. Or maybe even just twist to wear because they'll be SHINY!!! Oh by the way they also have a loc and twist product... if you're wondering. I have to go check that out. But this product will do until then it doesn't weigh the hair, soft hold, and you don't need a lot.


CurvyGurl ♥ said...

This is one of my top 3 favorite CD products, for the smell

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