Summer Regimen

Co-Washing and LOTS OF IT!!! The only problem I have with co-washing is that my hair seems to tangle more but I like doing it because my hair stays moisturized even days after co-washing. 

Okay for us beach and pool goers, it is important to make sure all those chemicals from the pool and the dirt from the sea get out of our hair, so make sure you are shampooing, co-washing, and then of course deep conditioning. Follow that up a moisturizer and seal it with an oil.

Oh and make sure you're drinking plenty of WATER!!! I know I will....I've seen what kind of damage it can do (my hair sheds like crazy when I'm not drinking enough water and eating right).

That's pretty much...keep it simple...and have fun (=

PS. By the way, I will definitely be using my mango butter and oils like coconut and olive oil for the summer... I'm soooo ready for this semester to be over and my vacation to start.


toija said...

luv ur blog ..keep em coming =-)

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