Bucket/Experiment List

I recently have been busy thinking of different styles and techniques to try on my hair. Since it's summer and I'm out of school now, I figured it would be the PERRRFECT time to start checking off stuff from the list. So instead of keeping track of them in my head, I decided to document them on here. Feel free to post yours as well in the comment box =)

  • Apply gel to my hair while in the shower to see if I get the same definition as when I section my hair off and do
  • Complete a whole head of mini braids <<< I did mini twist
  • High bun
  • Rollerset
  • Find an easy everyday style, that doesn't involve a ponytail or puff
  • Incorporate more hair accessories
  • Be able wear a fedora   <<<< not happenin :(
  • Try the cinnamon hair lightener 

I'll update this post if I think of more =)


Anonymous said...

What do you use under your gel?- Bianca

the golden sparkle said...

Hey Bianca...I use either an oil like olive oil or a moisturizer like giovanni direct leave in

shay said...

i love your hair! you make me want to start all over with mine, go to this link to see my hair!
i want to have hair that balances down like yours bc i think since i pressed it for most of my life its frizzes alot, so when it air dries its crazy lol and then one half of my head it curly in the root (new growth) but straight, due to heat damage all these years...so its hard

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