Donut Anyone???

Here's another simple, professional, quick, versatile, easy, on the go, and everything like that protective hairstyle. giggle.

I have been trying to do one of these buns ever since I was able to get a ponytail but for some reason they always ended up looking odd and not what I wanted. 

I used to do donut buns a lot when I was relaxed with the sock bun. So I'm SUPER EXCITED about my neat little bun. BUT the only issue I have with it is the size. it's too little. I want a bigger, thicker, and a little looser bun. So I'll keep working on it, I'm sure all I have to do is just pin the hair down farther than what I did this time.

Products used:
~Co-washed w/ Bed Head Self Absored Conditioner
~Giovanni Direct Leave-In
~Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel (MY LOVE)

I'm keeping this it in for at least 5 days (as I'm typing this, it is day 3)

I would also like to add that I think I have finally mastered the art of waves. Like the bun, I have also been trying to master how to get those gorgeous waves that we naturals produce oh so lovely. With a little help from my mother (who by the way is au naturale now!!!) and inspiration from my Big Bro, I get sick sea thinking about how crazy their hair waves up. ok that was a lil, I think I got it now =)


Anonymous said...

You and your brother have some pretty hair!!!

Anonymous said...

I am natural also just did the BC one week ago and would like to knoow how I can get waves like yours please let me know....

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