Meet Dionne...

First Big Chopped

How long have you been natural?
  • I've been natural for a year and 2 months and i'm loving every minute of it. My hair has never been so full and thick and beautiful. I love it. 

What do you use?

  • Shampoo - Taliah Waajid Black Earth
  • Rinse Out Conditioner - V05 Moisture Milk
  • Deep Conditioner - Organics Cholesterol and; Tree Tea or Organics Root Stimulator Replenishing Conditioner
  • Butters-Shea Butter, Miss Jessies Baby Buttercreme
  • Oils- Coconut, Jojoba, Castor


What's the best part about being natural?
  • The best part of being natural for me is the versatility, all the style options I have is great. I can wear my hair curly, straight, up or down and if i wanna give my hair a break I can just put it in twists and rock that as a style I love it. Also that I love my hair the way its meant to be, in its natural state, all kinky, coily & curly and find it soo easy to maintain thanks to Youtube, doing my hair is no longer a chore. 

    One of my favorite styles

    What regimen have you found to work best with your hair?
    • I think my hair responds better when I leave it alone so I'm trying to keep it in protective styles more often but its definitely hard not to play in my hair and stop touching it. As for the products side of it, I feel that my hair is doing really well and it responding. I'm hoping to get to my hair goal of shoulder length hair by December so wish my luck x 
     My hair now, 1 year old

    Thanks Dionne for sending me your information. I truly appreciate it =)


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