Meet Kalisha...

How long have you been natural?
Ive been natural for 7 months now and i'm very happy i went natural.
What do you use?
When i first Big Choped i used kccc but as my hair grew. i changed things up a bit. Now i use griner frutis condish, Giovanni direct leave in, and eco styler olive oil gel( which is the BOMBBB) and just coconut oil and she butter to seal moisture..
What's the best part about being natural?
BEST part of being natural for me  is that i'm finally  getting to know myself!!! it  has really changed my life...
What regimen have you found to work best with your hair?
 Co wash every 3 days and a warm honey and oil  treatment once a week(twice if i'm really on it)  and two deep treaments a week (one with avacodo  another with just condish) my hair is dyed so i must take extra care of it... but hot oil treatment reallyy helps alot!!!!

 Thank you Kalisha. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair color and hair =)


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