Darcy's Botanicals Sweet Cream Review...

Darcy's Botanticals Daily Leave-In Conditioner in Sweet Cream-

Price: $12.00
Where to Purchase: Surprisingly you can find these products in small random stores and of course online.
Consistency: Smooth light cream. Similar to Giovanni Direct Leave in.

To start this review I have to say the scent is probably the best part about this product. It smells exactly like vanilla Tootsie Rolls...ooo yum =) I did have high expectations for this product (maybe because it was $12) but I wasn't to impressed with how it moisturized my hair. BUT I will say it works pretty well getting my curls to pop right away. For example, when I twist my hair I can detangle and then apply the product and BAM! curls appear. I also liked that this product added some shine to my hair. 

So overall I think this product is alright it's not AMAZING and I think there are plenty of cheaper and better products out there. I'm not going to give up on this company because their products seem to be promising. 


Anonymous said...

I'vce only heard mediocre reviews on Darcy's Botanticals. Their products look so rich and moisturizing, but I guess that's not the reality for most people.

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