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As you can tell from the pictures...I straightened my hair AGAIN (totally had no plans on doing it). Last Thursday night I washed my hair, did the 2 Minute Reconstructor by Aphogee, detangled, and was left wondering what I was gonna do with my hair. I've been wanting to do a braidout lately while also trying to stick with the styling options from the last post but by the time I finished washing I was too tired....I literally went to sleep right after doing all that. But I woke up at 5:00 am with this random urge to straighten my hair...so I did lol. Last time I straightened my hair I made a video and many suggested that I use a hot comb. Well I tried and let's just say that would have taken me forrrreverrrrr to finish....I only had 3 or so hours to do my hair. So I just used the flat iron.... comb chase method. Oh by the way this time went by soooo much faster because 1. my hair was already somewhat dry. 2. and because it was dry I was able to blow dry it better.

Products used:
-Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Fortifying Shampoo
-Aphogee 2 minute re-constructor
-Tresemme conditioner
-SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
- Chi Silk Infusion
- Flat iron: Vi Sasson 
- Some other heat protectant that I can't think of the name


Krissy Micah said...
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mynamesnotalice said...


callmemonica said...

Can't believe how much your hair has grown! It looks wonderful!!

CurlyNaturallyBeautiful said...

Dont do a hotcomb girl! I see so many people come in the salon with heat damage due to hotcomb not that they are bad if used properly but most of us don't use it correctly. If you aren't use to using a hotcomb leave it alone and stick with the flat iron. With a hotcomb you really have to know how to regulate the temperature on it. Most people think just because it's straightening your hair it's good enough but the fact is the comb could still be too hot for your hair and cause it to break later. Friendly advice from your hair sista anaturalbeauty3 :)

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