Thanks Mother Nature.

After wearing my hair straight FOR ONE disappointed =( I decided to go back to curly today. In the past two days it has been raining here but all that didn't bother my hair until I put my shea butter mixture in my hair yesterday. The problem with that mixture (and I knew what it would happen) is that it has glycerin in it. I wish would taken a picture of my hair yesterday but I was sooooo embarrassed. After being outside for less than 5 minutes my hair poooofed up so big that it looked like I just blow dried my hair and didn't style it. But I love that mixture with my straight  hair because it moisturizes and adds shine. So today I just decided to wash it since I would probably only be wearing it pulled back in a ponytail for the rest of the week. But all that doesn't matter now since my hair REVERTED BACK....YAY!!! 

After wearing my hair pulled back into a bun my hair calmed down...a lot.
This picture was taken today before washing.

So I'm going to try to rock a braidout this week...wish me luck =)


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