2 Bomb Shampoos= WINNING

Those of you who follow me on my youtube channel know that for the past 5 months I have been using the Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition and Sleek and Shine Fortifying Shampoos. After using those shampoos I never thought I'd find a shampoo that didn't tangle or dry my hair out until a viewer...TT I believe is her nickname...recommended that I try one of the SheaMoisture shampoos. By the way I had no clue that the SheaMoisture line had so many different types of shampoos. So  I chose the Moisture Retention shampoo. I tried it the night before I straightened my hair and IMMEDIATELY FELL IN LOVE!!! By the time I finished shampooing my hair I knew that this product would stay in my hair staples box for a very long time. It is a really good shampoo and every comparable to my Garnier Fructis shampoos (but better because it's all natural).

Cost: $9.99
Where to buy: Target or Walgreens
Consistency: A little thicker than most shampoos
Scent: It smells like floral perfume
Pros: It's natural. Doesn't dry hair out or tangle it. Smells AMAZING! Cleans hair nicely. 
Cons: Like most SheaMoisture products the availability of the products is the only down side.


 So after I finished shampooing with the Moisture Retention Shampoo I was curious to see how this other shampoo would work on my hair since I had the product for a couple of months. I know ya'll are wondering why would I shampoo multiple times with two different shampoos in the same night. Well (long story short) before I started shampooing I couldn't decide which shampoo to use and after using the Moisture Retention shampoo (and seeing that my hair was in good condition) I decided to try the ION Straightening Shampoo. I was really nervous to try this product because the packaging says it relaxes your curls, which I didn't want, but I did want to see if it would make my hair straighter when I flat ironed it the next day. After shampooing with the ION shampoo....I was AMAZED again. Two great shampoos in the same night...umm WINNING!

Cost: I used a free sample pack but the bottle is $5.99...that's good right!
Where to buy: Sally's beauty supply 
Consistency: Same as most shampoos
Scent: The most AMAZING scent in the world... Cherry Almond
Pros: Smells great. Affordable. Lathers like crazy (if you get the sample pack don't use half the pack at once or you will be rinsing for a lonnnnggg time. lesson learned) Doesn't dry or tangle hair. 
Cons: It's not all natural but whatever.

By the way no it does not relax your curls....at all!!! BUT I will say that my hair seem more manageable when I detangled (it could have been the Moisture Retention, the ION shampoo, or both...idk) 

***Of course I'll come back the next time I use this shampoo alone when I straighten my hair to tell if it really made a difference with straightening but I just needed to rave about it for now =)***


Anonymous said...

Have you ever trimmed your ends? I BC in july of last year and my hair has grown like crazy at least 6 inches. anyway I decided to flat iron a couple pieces to see what it would look like and realized that my ends might need to be trimmed. SHould i just go while it is curly or straighten it out all the way?

the golden sparkle said...

i've trimmed them both ways. it just depends on how your hair is when you trim. you can twist your hair up into medium sized twists and trim or straighten it and then trim.

Anonymous said...

you do it yourself or go get it done? how often do you trim?

the golden sparkle said...

yes i have trimmed my hair ever since I have been natural and I normally trim every 4-6 months or whenever I feel like my hair needs to be trimmed.

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